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Серая кирпичная стена



Manufacturing enterprise OOO PK Avtopak has been specializing in the production of protective covering materials used for construction, repair and design works since 2007.

Masking film protects from splashes of paint, construction foam, glue, dust, moisture and service fluids.

It is indispensable during wall and ceiling painting, as well as for furniture protection during moving.

The masking film with adhesive tape helps to create straight junction line, it is also convenient for plane separation, during installation of stretch ceilings, windows and doors.


The protective film in big rolls is ultimate for industrial spaces with high-ceilinged interiors.

The modern equipment used in production line ensures high quality of the product starting from the zero cycle and up to output commodity.

Our team is comprised of professionals, ready to help you fulfill unique projects for your business.




OOO PK Avtopak

454901 Asfal'tnaya street,

Chelyabinsk city, Russia



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